Maria Fraga

Maria Elena Fraga, RD, CDCES, CDN

Diabetes Alliance Program Director

"Live your best life at any age. Simple adjustments in the way we eat have a big impact and allow us to engage in an active and meaningful life.”

Maria Elena Fraga, RD, CDCES, CDN, brings a personalized approach to nutrition lifestyle that supports our members in achieving their highest level of health.  Maria empowers patients with small, realistic changes they can make to their day-to-day eating plan that have a big impact. She very much enjoys working with people who are seeking to maintain or improve their health so they can live their best at any age. Maria has worked with patients, employees, and physicians throughout the New York City metropolitan area and is looking forward to serving the members of Mount Sinai New York-Concierge Care. She works with each member’s health care team to ensure that an optimal nutrition and lifestyle plan is created. Maria has successfully supported patients and employees in losing weight and improving their management of diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Maria is also a heart failure coach and a leader in helping patients quit smoking. Maria was recently recognized by the Association of Diabetes Educators for her unique way of engaging those seeking to live a meaningful and healthy life.