Could You Use a Personal Assistant for Your Health?

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Find Out How A Premier Health Navigator Eliminates the Burdens of Health Care

Delegation is a crucial part of success – hence why most high achievers have a personal assistant to manage their schedule, a driver to ensure a smooth commute, a stylist that makes fashion effortless, or a personal chef to cover meal prep duties. When time is a limited resource, your team executes what they are really good at, so you can focus your energy on what’s most important to you. 

We get it, which is why we built a dedicated team of navigators who function as personal health assistants for our Premier concierge experience at Hudson Yards.

Our Premier health navigators eliminate the burdens of traditional health care like wasted time on hold, scattered medical records, confusing insurance/billing, and fragmented communication between primary care physicians and specialists. 

A vital part of providing a VIP medical experience to our premier members is putting an end to the clunky, inefficient, unpleasant health care that you’ve received up until now. What we offer you is a cutting-edge, exceptional health care experience, without the hassle.

Led by a medical practitioner well-versed in navigating the health system, the Premier health navigators provide 4 main services that will save you time and optimize your medical experience.

Looking for the Best in Concierge Medicine?

#1 Your Personal Health Advocate 

Navigators are real humans who genuinely care about your health. They listen and get to know you so they can provide the most appropriate support for your individual needs. They act as your private health advocate – scheduling care, managing referrals, following up after appointments, confirming your medical records, imaging and follow-ups are properly managed, assisting with travel health needs, and more – all in coordination with your dedicated physician. 

“One of the most rewarding parts of being a Premier health navigator is knowing I am part of a team that can truly respond to whatever the circumstance may be for the member. Many of our members travel for a good portion of the year and we have had experiences where members have had urgent healthcare needs while vacationing. Fortunately, we have a strong network that we can call upon to not only assist our members but deliver a positive experience.”

Premier Navigator



#2 Ease of Scheduling 

We know that scheduling one doctor’s appointment can be a hassle, let alone coordinating several. Besides availability, there are many other considerations such as referral requirements, acceptance of insurance, and the sharing of medical records. Our Premier health navigators are well-versed in coordinating care at Hudson Yards, within the Mount Sinai network, and through our external partners – we are confident our members are in good hands.  

“We recently had a member who, despite being vaccinated and boosted, tested positive for COVID-19. Knowing the member had a history of cardiopulmonary issues and other risk factors, we were able to act fast to get the member monoclonal antibodies the next day through our partner. Now, as new therapeutics become available, we will continue to help our patients gain access to treatments options necessary for their recovery.”

Premier Navigator



#3 Top Rated Specialty Referrals 

Whether it is for genetic testing, a highly specialized psychologist, cancer screening, fertility treatments, a second opinion, or care for any of the many health concerns that can arise, our navigators and Premier providers will work together to ensure our members get the right program, the right care, and the best physician at the right time because they know the doctors. 



#4 Billing and Insurance 

Premier members have access to unlimited primary care visits with their dedicated physician, but when care extends to specialists, our Premier Health Navigators will help to make the insurance and billing process easy.

When insurance is involved, it can oftentimes be a confusing and frustrating landscape, which is why as a Premier member, you don’t have to handle that on your own. Not only will your Premier navigator wait on hold so you don’t have to, but they will also find the best resolution to your billing and insurance issues. They can even file insurance claims on your behalf. 


Our dedicated team of health navigators is just one benefit of the Premier Concierge Care at Hudson Yards. Our purposefully designed program is tailor-made for busy New Yorkers interested in an elevated health care experience that delivers cutting-edge care in a private environment. 

We invite you to tour our private, state-of-the-art facility at Hudson Yards, meet with one of our Premier doctors, or just simply get started before membership capacity is reached. Apply online or call us at 646.819.5100 ext. 2 to learn more about Premier membership.

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