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Top 7 Must-Haves for Executive Health in 2022

Who would have believed it, as we ring in 2022, we are also tiptoeing towards the 2-year anniversary and nth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we still (try) to get comfortable with whatever this new environment is, naturally it has us questioning our own health.

How strong is my immune system? When was the last time I had a physical? Am I up on all my tests? Is my stress level under control? How is my blood pressure? I am not sleeping – do I have insomnia? What do I need to do about this new pain I’m feeling?

Thousands of busy New Yorkers are running through these same scenarios and looking for a top-rated doctor and peace of mind that their health is being monitored by the best.

We designed the Premier healthcare membership at Hudson Yards to address every individual need and question of our members.

Under the leadership of Dr. Louis DePalo and Dr. Tina Sindwani, our Premier members get to partner with the best physicians to optimize their health. See below for our top 7 “must-haves” for good executive health in 2022. These services are all part of our Premier membership – and for good reason.


Looking for the Best in Concierge Medicine?


1. Dedicated Physician That Genuinely Cares About Your Health

Not only a dedicated physician but one of the top doctors in the city. We can guarantee you won’t have lingering health questions once you start working 1:1 with our Premier internal medicine doctors, who have small patient panels and don’t bill by appointment. Our doctors care for less than 5% of a traditional physician’s patient caseload, which can be in the thousands.

“Medicine and the act of visiting the doctor is no longer reserved for only when you fall ill. Combining our primary and specialty care backgrounds, and frequently working with busy executives, we get to know our patients and what role we can play in advising them on their health – to create the most fulfilling and long-lasting life for them.”

– Louis DePalo, MD and Tina Sindwani, MD


2. Personal Assistant for Your Health

Beyond a dedicated physician, you need a team advocating on your behalf. We all know the health care system is a web of phone calls, unreturned voicemails, scattered medical records, and questionable bills. A Premier Health Navigator eliminates these burdens and ensures your needs are taken care of. Truly, health care, without the hassle – if you can believe it.


3. Care Whenever and However You Need

In-person care at our state-of-the-art facility at Hudson Yards, remote virtual care, in-home care, same-day care, 24/7 care, prescription delivery – we’ve got it all. Whether it is 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, you will have one number to call. Health concerns arise at all times of the day and we will do our best to ensure you don’t set foot in an emergency room unless it’s a true emergency.


4. Expedited Referrals

Referrals should not be based on an algorithm that tells you where the nearest specialist is to you. It also shouldn’t take weeks or months to get in with a specialist. The Health Center at Hudson Yards is an affiliate of The Mount Sinai Health System, one of the largest health systems in New York City. Our Premier providers leverage their network of peers and work with our Health Navigators to manage referrals on behalf of our members. We take actions to help members get to the right program, the right care, and the best doctor at the right time because we actually KNOW the doctors.


5. Psychologist Relationship

Remember, we are nearly two years into a pandemic. That doesn’t come without stress – add in everyday life and work, and you realize having access to a psychologist is crucial for 2022. Your mental health influences so much of your physical health. We have psychologists in-house for when one-time consultations or ongoing therapy are needed – or we can refer to specialists.


6. Technology Supporting, Not Leading Your Care

No top-of-the-line health care service is complete without the support of technology. Our Health Center is full of the latest equipment (X-ray, labs, echocardiogram, EKG, ultrasound, 3D Body Composition, and more) and our members have on-the-go access to their member portal from an app on their phone. But unlike some practices, we use technology to support our expert doctors, but we don’t let the technology lead your care.


7. Team of Specialists

Expedited referrals are great for when you need to see a specific specialist, however, the more specialists under one team, the better. That way, they are in sync. At The Health Center, we have pulled together your top in-demand specialists to create the ultimate integrated team. We have a physical therapy suite, psychologists and thoughtfully designed behavioral health rooms, cardiologists and cardiac stress technicians, dermatologists and specialty services such as botox, virtual dietitians that have experience with high-performing athletes, gynecologists, and more…


If you need any more convincing that a concierge membership through The Health Center is what you need in 2022, just ask any of the execs that joined this past year, increasing our membership four-fold and pushing us to near capacity. This membership is limited in availability to ensure an optimal and personalized experience.

Let us know if you would like to tour our private space, meet with one of our doctors, or just simply get started before the seats are filled. Did we mention, our members renew at 100% each year…

Apply online or call us at 646.819.5100 ext. 2 to learn more about a membership.

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