How Concierge Care Creates Measurable Improvements to Your Health

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Positively Move the Needle for Your Health

What do you look for when making an investment? For most, the decision to invest time and money is largely driven by the promise of a meaningful return. 

In applying that school of thought to your health, how are you investing in your wellness? 

While concierge care provides members many perks (like a dedicated physician that has time to prioritize your health, on-call care whenever and however you need, and a seamless appointment experience), can it really lead to improvements in your overall health and wellness? 

This short answer is: yes, and we have studies to prove it. 


The Case Study

Dr. James Lebret, an internist and lifestyle medicine physician at The Health Center at Hudson Yards and an assistant professor affiliated with Mount Sinai specializing in internal medicine, conducted a study called “The Hypertension Program” in 2020. 

Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, is a condition in which the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease. This condition affects nearly half (47%) of all adults in the United States and if left uncontrolled, increases the risk of serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke.


What Was the Goal of the Study?

Dr. Lebret’s goal was to see how a blood pressure control program delivered 1:1 via a provider could affect a person’s blood pressure. What is notable about the care provided in this study is that it didn’t end with the provider prescribing a blood pressure reduction medicine, which is often the only option for providers in typical, fast-paced healthcare settings. Instead, the prescribed plan of care included a structured, personalized approach to lifestyle changes plus medication management provided by a dedicated physician.

For example, one participant who enrolled in the Hypertension Program in July 2020 had out-of-control diabetes, dangerously high blood pressure, and was binge drinking. 

The participant was guided through a personalized health plan, including lifestyle changes and medication management. Their medication regimen was optimized immediately and over the next 2 months, they began exercising, stopped binge drinking, and greatly improved their diet.  


What Were the Results?

In the above example, the participant’s blood pressure dropped by 20+ points, they lost 6 belt loops, and cut their blood sugars in half, allowing them to stop some medications. 

The study overall showed:

  • Average 15+ point drop in participant blood pressure
  • Additional benefits were noted for weight (-7 lbs) and cholesterol (-13 points)
  • 64% of participants moved from “hypertensive” to “controlled” according to CDC guidelines

To put it in context, decreasing blood pressure 12-13 points leads to a 37% decrease in stroke, 21% decrease in heart disease, and 25% decrease in death, which means the results of the study were extremely successful and this kind of sustained care could lead to significant health improvements.


What Does this Say about Concierge Care?

The typical primary physician today devotes just 15 minutes to patient visits, which happen 1.6 times a year on average. By contrast, DPC [direct primary care or concierge care] physicians spend an average of 35 minutes per visit, and patients average four visits per year, a University of Wisconsin report found.

When you have more of your doctor’s time and attention because they aren’t overloaded with a huge caseload of patients, that makes the care you receive much more effective. The doctors at The Health Center at Hudson Yards have the tools and capacity to look at every aspect of your unique lifestyle and physical health to put together the best plan of action for your needs. Not only does this mean you have a better chance of tackling health complications as they arise, but your doctor will also work with you to prolong your wellness as you age.

Looking for the Best in Concierge Medicine?

One of our members shared their recent health experience with us:

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that Dr. Louis DePalo has literally changed my life. I’ve had so many bad experiences with doctors as a woman with a severe chronic illness. Dr. DePalo is warm and validating, not to mention brilliant. Over the summer when I was still new to the program I was experiencing horrible abdominal pain and off the bat, I could tell something was really wrong. I texted Dr. DePalo and instantly he calls me back and tells me I need to go to the ER, which I RESISTED. I have a lot of diagnosed PTSD from past hospitalizations and I didn’t want to put myself in that position again even. I told him this and he said “that will never happen with me I promise”. I was admitted and received the most compassionate and comprehensive care – all the while texting the entire time with Dr. DePalo who was also speaking with my GI. The nurses and Premier Health Navigators at The Health Center at Hudson Yards are professional and compassionate. I no longer dread going to the doctor or worrying that I will be mistreated or gaslit. The amount of stress that has been removed from my life has been astronomical.” 


-Health Center at Hudson Yards Premier Member

An Enhanced Patient Care Experience

With traditional practices being inundated with too many patients, more and more people are turning to concierge programs as a solution to their health concerns. At The Health Center at Hudson Yards, our concierge care model exceeds patient care expectations and leads to real, positive changes to your physical health and wellness.  

A membership with us means access to our talented onsite team of world-class physicians and specialists, as well as our state-of-the-art facility, private executive lounge, and our expansive network of doctors. Unrivaled in the city – and limited in availability – this is the health care experience you have been looking forApply online or call us at 646.819.5100 to learn more about membership.

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